2018 edition

First Edition March 1-4, 2018

A competition that is dedicated to the youngest and wants them as protagonists, through music and the cultivation of a talent, in their passion and willingness to share themselves with others. The stage of the Municipal Theater will welcome young musicians from the province and outside the city, and the city of Belluno is proud to be able to host this event. Special thanks to the Gocce di Sole Onlus committee for their daily commitment not only to keeping a smile strong and tenacious, but to struggling to give it to those who do not have the strength to do so on their own. (Translated original in Italian)
The "City of Belluno" music competition was created to support an important project, wanted by those who have chosen to make themselves available to those who have no family, becoming their home.

Valentina Tomasi
Former Councillor for Social and Educational Policies and Education of the City of Belluno

Participation in the City of Belluno music competition will forever remain in my heart , an 'experience first of all of life and one that encapsulates the true meaning of musical art, beyond the final judgment expressed by the commission. The first edition of the competition was a true celebration of music, in the setting of the splendid Belluno Municipal Theater and the picturesque landscape Dolomites. Winning the overall first prize in the competition was an incredible thrill, given also the very high level of the participants. The impeccable organization and the very serious jury were definitely among the most positive elements of the event. (Translated original in Italian)
Giacomo menefardi
Giacomo Menegardi
Overall Winner