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It is excellent news, this fifth edition of the City of Belluno Music Competition. I say this as an administrator and as a citizen who, like many of you, is grappling daily with difficulties, problems to be solved and social emergencies. Knowing that in spring our city will once again resound with the music of so many artists who will come from all over Italy and from different countries around the world is something that excites me and fills me with gratitude to the dozens of volunteers who are committed to making this possible every year. Belluno a city of that art that unites people beyond language and culture, Belluno that makes itself known for a competition that focuses on young talent and hosts world-renowned coaches and teachers: these are positive challenges that ask us to lift our gaze and turn it far, beyond our borders, to imagine ourselves more and more as an Alpine city in dialogue with Europe. This is why we are happy to support the event with patronage, and for this the Gocce di Sole Committee deserves our thanks, for the tenacity and courage with which, despite the difficulties, it continues to pursue this great project of a national and international competition here in our Belluno gateway to the Dolomites.
oscar de pellegrin 1963
Oscar De Pellegrin
Mayor of Belluno

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