The Rules:



19 – 21 MARCH 2020

Alessio Nelli (Artistic Director) +39 3290251299, Monday to Friday 4pm – 6pm


The ‘Città di Belluno International Opera Singing Competition’ is organised by the “Gocce di Sole Onlus“

Committee in collaboration with the city of Belluno, the “Teatri delle Dolomiti” Foundation and the “Martina

Bonavera” Association. This is an international opera competition open to singers of all nationalities & voice-types aged 35 years & under, to be held at the Teatro Comunale di Belluno (and other venues provided by the organization) from 19 to 21 March 2020.

Candidates upon acceptance into the competition, must:

  • be aged 35 years & under
  • comply with current Italian visa regulations
  • be in possession of a diploma from a conservatorium and/or
  • have professional experience in a theatre through participation in operas or concerts of significant
  • artistic importance

The winners will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st prize: scholarship € 700.00 + plaque + certificate of merit
  • 2nd prize: scholarship € 300.00 + certificate of merit
  • Jury Prize for the best vocal timbre
  • Maestro Alberto Triola, as Artistic Director of the “Academy of Belcanto Rodolfo Celletti” and the “Festival of Valle D’Itria”, if he deems it appropriate, reserves the right to award a scholarship to attend the Belcanto Academy course during the academic year of 2020.  

NB: With the unquestionable decision of the Commission of selection, the prizes may not be assigned

or may be assigned in part. The Jury will have the right to award prizes ex aequo; in this case, the prize

itself will be divided into equal parts. The judgment of the Jury is final and cannot be appealed.


In order to take part in the competition, all parts of the registration form must be filled in & submitted by and no later than February 15, 2020. Form available at: in the section ‘International Competition Canto Lirico Città di Belluno.’

The following documents must be attached to the registration form:

– Curriculum vitae, in Italian or English (in .doc format and with max. 3000 characters)

– Full length photograph

– Video of one aria performed live (MP4 format, youtube link or dropbox)

– The titles & composers of three chosen arias to perform throughout competition

– Copy of an identity document (passport mandatory for non-EU citizens)

– Italian tax code (if you have one) or photocopy of the tax number of your country of citizenship.

The candidate must pay a registration fee – fixed at euro 70 – into the following account, specifying in the description: “Registration of Belluno International Opera Competition, full name & tax-code.” Followed by a

receipt of payment to be sent to

Beneficiary: Gocce di Sole Onlus Committee

IBAN: IT 82 U060 4511 9000 0000 5003 926


The registration fee of euro 70 is non-refundable (except for failure to do so for reasons of force majeure independent of the organization). Semifinalists requiring an accompanist made available by the competition must make an extra payment of euro 30 on the day, and send a request by March 2 to or by phone: (+39) 3290251299.

The material sent by the participants will not be returned under any circumstances. Submitting the application form will involve full knowledge and acceptance of all the rules of this announcement and the decisions of the Jury.


The competition will be divided into three phases


There will be 20 semi-finalists selected from the registration form submitted by and no later than February 15 by Jury President M ° Alberto Triola and Artistic Director M ° Alessio Nelli.

NB: The semifinalists and the audition calendar will be communicated via e-mail and published on the website: by February 28th.

PHASE TWO (This phase will be open to the public)

Two days of auditions will be held 19-20 March for the 20 semi-finalists. Candidates must present 3 operatic arias in their original key and language and will be asked to perform:

  • an aria of own choice selected from those indicated in the registration form
  • an aria at the request of the jury selected from those indicated in the registration form.

NB: All competitors must bring 4 copies of the selected vocal scores to the commission. The jury will announce the names of the 5 finalists at the end of the auditions on March 20.


(Gala Concert will be open to a paying public)

On the morning of Saturday 21 March, the jury will be available to the 5 finalists selected, for an in-depth lesson lasting three hours.

A Gala concert will be held March 21 at 9PM in which the 5 chosen finalists will perform.

Candidates must present

  • two arias chosen by the jury, chosen from those indicated in the registration form.
  • finalists must use accompanist provided, at no extra cost

NB: The finalists will be expected to perform in formal concert attire. The jury will announce the winners at

the end of the Gala Concert. (Other prominent figures of the music scene may also be present at the gala)


ALBERTO TRIOLA, President of the Jury

Superintendent of the Arturo Toscanini Foundation

Artistic director of the Valle d’Itria Festival

Artistic director of the Academy of Belcanto Rodolfo Celletti of Martina Franca.


Soprano and Vocal Coach


Artist Manager, IGM ARTISTS (London)



a) Candidates upon acceptance into the competition, must:

  • be aged 35 years & under
  • comply with current Italian visa regulations
  • be in possession of a diploma from a conservatorium and/or
  • have professional experience in a theatre through participation in operas or concerts of significant artistic importance

b) Candidates who are related to one or more of the judges cannot participate in the competition. In the event that a competitor is a student of a member of the jury, he will be obliged to communicate it and the member of the jury will be abstained from voting for that competitor. This will be mentioned in the minutes and in this case, the Artistic Director or his delegate, previously identified will take over, in all respects, from the abstained judge.

In the event of a false declaration, the competitor will be disqualified and will have to return the prize eventually won while the judge will be paid 50% of the attendance fee: If deception is uncovered within a year from the conclusion of the Competition, the same will apply.

c) The candidate will be excluded if: The registration fee is not paid; or in the case of offensive behaviour, not decent or otherwise inappropriate to the context.

d) No reimbursement for travel expenses and eventual overnight stay will be paid to the competitors by the organization.

e) The organization reserves the right to make changes to this announcement that are necessary for technical or organizational reasons, and to interpret it in an authentic, final and unquestionable way. For what is not established by this regulation, the organizing committee will decide.

f) The Organization and the Gocce di Sole Onlus Committee do not assume responsibility for further risks or damages of any nature that may arise during the course of the Competition.

g) The judgment of the Jury is final and cannot be appealed.

h) The event is not part of: competitions or prize operations pursuant to Art. 6 paragraph 1 of Presidential Decree 430/2001 consequently, pursuant to Resolution n. 8/1251 of 10/28/1976, the prizes will not be subject to withholding tax. The recipient is responsible for declaring the amount of the prize in his annual income tax return.

i) For all items not mentioned, reference should be made to the announcement of the “City of Belluno Music Competition”, downloadable on the website